COVID-19 Group Sign-In Form

As part of the Elphin Sports Centre COVID-19 requirements, all groups who hire Elphin Sports Centre are required to sign-in as a group either via the below form or via a paper version at the Centre.

This form is for Elphin Sports Centre to keep a record of group attendance for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Groups who sign-in through this form are required to maintain a list of contact names and details of all involved in the group and be able to provide this to Elphin Sports Centre should it be requested.

Terms of Group Sign-In

Elphin Sports Centre Requires that a Responsible Person sign to agree that the group will abide by all requests of Elphin Sports Centre in relation to COVID-19 requirements, as outlined in the Elphin Sports Centre COVID-19 Safety Plan & Guidelines (view by Clicking Here) and follow all requirements of their group/school COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Group Sign-In Form